Supporting Filmmakers

One of the most common audience questions after screening a documentary is "What can I do?" Choice Voice Vote provides a clear framework for filmmakers and advocacy organizations to use when answering this question.

  • Use your Choice:
    • in your behavior, buying habits, and other ways in which you interact with the world
  • Use your Voice:
    • in talking about the issue with friends, family and coworkers
    • in sharing the films that moved and informed you with people you know
    • in communicating to policymakers in government, at work, or in business
  • Use your Vote:
    • register to vote, and commit to voting on the issue
    • to elect candidates who will prioritize and champion the issue
    • to support initiatives and ballot measures which advance the issue

Choice Voice Vote is a web platform that can be used by several films in an issue area and that can also support multiple issues. Sharing a common platform can eliminate redundant, inefficient use of impact dollars.

Choice Voice Vote is under construction and not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time, but inquiries from filmmakers interested in using Choice Voice Vote are welcome at