Supporting Organizations

FSAF is developing techniques and providing toolkits to help organizations incorporate film screenings effectively into their advocacy campaigns.

Father and daughter holding a poster for Representative Elliot that says Solar is the Answer - help save our future.
Woman holding an Unstoppable Voter postcard

The Fund is not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time, but inquiries from organizations interested in using film in their campaigns are welcome to email us at

Example: the Poster Model

The Poster Model is a way to present a policy maker with a collection of images of individuals and their personal statements about an issue to amplify a need for action and illustrate the breadth of support for the issue and reasons people care about it.

After a movie screening and discussion about an issue, interested audience members write a personal message about the issue on a poster. A photograph is taken of each audience member holding their poster with their personal message. These photographs are collected and posted online, and/or sent to legislators and decision makers with appropriate social media hashtags.

FSAF is working on a toolkit to help organizations incorporate this technique into their campaigns. Some examples of successful uses of the poster model are Dear Congressman Tiberi and Dear South Carolina. You can also watch the case study video for Dear South Carolina and read the report about it.